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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a ceremony performance ?

The standard performance includes up to 30 minutes of Prelude music before the service, Processionals, a selection during the service, the Recessional at the end, and one or two Postlude pieces.


Can we make requests ?

Yes, we want the music to reflect your style and taste. Requests are welcome but cannot be guaranteed for live music. DJ dance music is easy, but finding arrangements for string ensembles can be tricky. For the Electric Violin, there must be tracks available and not everything translates well to the Violin. Also, there may be an extra charge if arrangements need to be purchased or custom created.

How far do you travel ?

Although most of our gigs are in the Western PA area, we have performers who cover Cleveland and Northeastern Ohio as well as the DC Metro area. In the past couple of years, we have gone as far as Bar Harbor, Maine and Chicago, Illinois.


Does the DJ make all of the announcements ?

Yes, all of our DJs handle the MC duties – as much or as little as you need. There is no extra charge. Occasionally, a couple will request that a friend or family member do the Introductions or other parts of the night. That is fine with us. 


Will you play an outside wedding service ?

Yes, that is one of our specialties. We cannot play in the cold or rain and request covering from the sun (see our response to “How does the weather affect outdoor performances ?“ below), but we do as many as 100 outdoor ceremonies a year.

What’s the difference between Traditional Acoustic Violin and the PopRock Electric Violin ?

The traditional violin performance is generally an acoustic, unamplified violinist playing mostly Classical music like Mozart, Vivaldi, “Canon In D” and “Ode To Joy.” Some popular melodies are available and a few of our Violinists offer amplification at an extra charge. The PopRock Electric Violin concept is designed for modern music covering Contemporary Pop, Classic Rock, R&B, Latin, Sinatra and more. The amplified Violin plays over high-quality backing tracks for a Ceremony, Cocktail Hour or Dinner, Bridal Shower, Engagement Party or Rehearsal Dinner.


What’s instruments are in a String Duo, Trio, Quartet, Quintet ?

String Duo: Most popular is Violin and Cello, but we also offer Two Violins, Violin and Flute and Violin and Viola.

String Trio: Most popular is Two Violins and Cello, but we also offer Flute, Violin and Cello as well as Violin, Viola and Cello.

String Quartet: Most popular is Two Violins, Viola and Cello, but we also offer Flute, Violin, Viola and Cello.

String Quintet: Add Upright Acoustic Bass to any quartet.


Do you have song suggestions for the Cake Cutting, Bride & Dad, Groom & Mom, Bouquet and Garter ?

You can find lists of songs we’ve used for these special moments of the reception on the planning page of our site.


What is the planning process ?

After the contract has been signed and retainer paid, we suggest you follow us on social media to see new videos, pics and posts. You should also go to the Planning page to download the Ceremony and/or Reception Plan sheet to make notes. We also have over 400 videos on our site and YouTube Channel. Then our musician(s) and/or DJ’s are in touch with you about a month before the event date – if we have not heard from you – to start the process. You can start sooner by simply contacting us and we will connect you with the performer(s). Then we email and talk until we have everything exactly the way you want it.


How much of a deposit is required ?

Our retainer is not more than 50% of the total. On the DJ packages we offer the option of splitting that into two payments: 25% right away to hold the date and 25% within 60 days. The balance is due on the day of the wedding, but you can pay in advance if you wish.


Do you offer a payment plan ?

On DJ packages we offer the option of splitting the retainer into two payments: 25% right away to hold the date and 25% within 60 days. We are always open to a different plan that helps you feel comfortable.


What forms of payment do you take ?

We prefer checks or Venmo, but we also accept PayPal and credit cards.


What about tipping ?

There is no requirement to tip our performers and we never automatically add it to the bill. You are paying professional rates for a professional performance, but if you think they have done an exceptional job or added some extra time or effort, then we will not turn it down.


Are there taxes added ?

There are no taxes on our services.


Do you charge for set-up and tear-down ?

No, you pay only for the performance time commitment. In rare cases, there may be a modest charge if the musician or DJ has to preset at one location then go to another church or venue to perform. 


How does the weather affect outdoor performances ?

Our musicians cannot be out in the rain under any circumstances. Rain, snow, extreme heat and cold have an adverse effect on both the instruments and the musicians. When our fingers get cold, it is hard to play with precision and beauty. We request some covering from the direct sun, when possible, because the musicians are often out there well before the guests come into the area and even longer before the service starts.


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