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Looking for a little something extra to give your event a boost? Whether you need entertainment for your wedding, a corporate event, or a private party, we provide music spanning from elegant to energetic—that means Harp, Piano, Strolling Violin, Accordions, Mandolin, Bagpipes, Jazz, Sinatra Impersonator, and Steel Drums. We’re here to WOW your guests in the Pittsburgh and tri-state region!


Strolling Violin

Light background music or engaging table-to-table performance. Strolling violins offer a great variety of styles—but they can also emphasize only one. Most performers have wireless sound systems for the Violin so they can be mobile but still be heard through the space. If you’ve never seen a strolling violin, you’re in for a treat! The one comment we hear over and over again is, “That was much more entertaining than we expected it to be!”


The angelic sounds of the Harp grace any event. Perfect for a wedding ceremony or smaller reception or dinner. Makes a big visual impact, too, so it’s great for making a powerful impression on your guests. Amplification is available. Can be matched with Flute or Violin for an even bigger sound.


Violin and Piano give you the best of all worlds—soft and subtle or swinging and energetic. Can come with electronic keyboards and sound system. Great for a Ceremony, Cocktails, Dinner, party or any type of event.


Pianist CrisciClassical, Jazz, Broadway, Romantic, Pop or a mix of all of the above add color and punch to your party.  Electronic Keyboards and sound system available. Some sing but you can add a vocalist or other instrumentalist to fill out the vibe you want.


Cadillac Jazz Trio

Hear the hip sounds of jazz fill the room with a cool groove to set the tone for any event. Sax, Piano and Bass. Add Drums for more kick, or add in Violin, Piano, and Bass for a completely different sound.


Cafe TrioEuropean-style strolling group like you would find in a cafe anywhere from Paris to Budapest. Violin, Accordion, and Bass or Vocalist—or both—fill the air with romantic and lively sounds from France, Italy, Spain, Vienna, Hungary, Russia, Ireland, America, and more. This trio will bring on the smiles.


Trumpet PlayerFor a grander entrance of a Wedding Procession. Can play with Organ or be added to a String Quartet. Trumpets add a major boost to any energy level.


IMPERSONATORSGive your event a boost with Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Dean Martin, Elton John, Billy Joel or Jerry Lee Lewis.


Bagpipes fifeOffers a truly big impact. The pipes swell like no other instrument. Perfect for the Wedding Processional or Recessional, Funerals, Golf Outings or anything else you dream up.


Faiella Duo Strolling MusicImagine the sweet sounds of Italian tunes moving through the room as you sip on your wine. Tiny amps clipped to the musician’s belts add to the swirling sounds, as if the notes were rising and falling on the wind. This isn’t something you see—or hear—every day.


VIENNA NIGHTS ORCHESTRALush orchestral sound of three Violins, Piano and Bass play famous Waltzes, Czardas, Troikas, Tangos and much more. This makes them perfect for every type of event: wedding ceremonies, corporate parties, or private events. Electronic keyboards available.

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