Electric Violin, Acoustic Violin or Strolling Violin ?

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What’s the difference and the best fit for you and your event ?

In case you were trying to figure out which type of Violin performance is which, here is a little help.  There is no wrong answer, but you should always be looking for the best right answer for your tastes and budget.

What Is The Electric Violin?

Electric Violin usually means an amplified violin.  It may be a colorful solid-body or it could be a traditional instrument that has been modified with a pickup to be amplified.  To get more volume, it has to be connected to an amp or sound system. Most of the time, the Violinist will use effects like Reverb or Delay to get a big fat sound.  Surprisingly, both the electric and modified acoustic can make the same sounds – but the electrics look cooler because they’re smaller, have sharper angles, and are more colorful.  The term PopRock Electric Violin describes either instrument playing over backing tracks of Contemporary Pop, Classic Rock and R&B. The song will sound exactly like the original recording, but the Violin plays where the vocals would be.  Very modern and super cool.

What Is The Acoustic Violin?

The Acoustic Violin is the instrument most people are familiar with.  All wood and unamplified, it is used for solo performances as well as in ensembles and orchestras.  The acoustic violin works best for song lists that include Mozart, Vivaldi, “Canon In D” and “Ode To Joy”, but some popular melodies can be played.  A few violinists are able to amplify this kind of instrument so it sounds the same but is simply louder. Classic and elegant.

What Is The Strolling Violin?

A strolling violin is just like any other violin, but it is played while moving around a room and/or taking requests.  Often, it’s played as variety background music during a Cocktail Hour, but certain styles can be emphasized: Italian, Irish, Classical, Broadway, etc. …  A strolling request performance is best suited to a dinner setting where guests are seated or “captive” and the violinist can ask if they have any favorites.  For this, the Violinist must have a wide variety of music memorized and be able to play it on the spot. It also requires the musician to have a professional appearance and a personality to interact with the guests in a relaxed and entertaining way.  A frequent comment is “That was so entertaining !”

Playing requests at a table. Videos on our YouTube Channel.

The same concepts apply to the Electric Cello and the Acoustic Cello, but we have not yet perfected the Strolling Cello !

Hope this helps you decide which type of Violin performance would make your Special Event … Extraordinary !

(L) Bridge Electric Solid-Body Violin
(R) Phillip Injeian Acoustic Violin

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"Steve was a must-have for our wedding as he did my sister's 8 years ago (and we loved him) and should be a must-have for your event! Not only does he do an amazing job MC'ing and DJ'ing, and running the event, but the live violin - WOW! The violin adds elegance to your event that guests will continue to talk about for years to come.  Steve also is an expert in the field, leaving no worries for the bride-to-be in the event. I knew our reception would run perfectly with him in charge and it did. Highly recommend!!"     Paige & Russ 3/14/20  Soldiers & Sailors Hall

“My husband and I cannot recommend Steven Vance and his team enough! We first encountered Steven Vance at a cousin’s wedding in October of 2018 and we absolutely fell in love with the unique blend of pop-rock violin with DJing! For our own wedding, we had the absolute pleasure of working with Nate Goodrich. During the planning process, Nate did a wonderful job of ensuring that he understood exactly what we wanted and helped make sure the flow of the evening was perfect! Nate did an absolutely incredible job ensuring that our cocktail hour and reception went perfectly. For our cocktail hour, Nate performed a variety of pop-rock violin selections that we and our guests absolutely loved. To this day we are receiving compliments on how wonderfully he played and how unique the experience was. To say the least, having Nate perform during the cocktail hour definitely took our wedding to the next level! As for the reception, he did an EXCELLENT job of keeping our guests on the dance floor and having a good time! What was most impressive is that he selected music that kept guests of all ages moving! Along with the wonderful music selections, Nate did an amazing job of keeping the evening well-paced without feeling rushed. Overall, we would absolutely recommend Nate Goodrich to anyone who is planning a wedding! Thanks to Nate, we had an absolutely unforgettable wedding day!”                                                                                                     Zach & Rose 2/29/20 Marriott Hotel Cranberry Electric Violin & DJ Nate

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